Over the Edge by Marc Paul Kaplan

"Over the Edge"

KOMENAR Publishing

ISBN-10: 0-9772081-0-9
ISBN-13: 978-0-9772081-0-4
Price: $24.95 (U.S.A.)
Publication Date: January 2006
323 pages

Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-9772081-6-6
Price: $15.95 (U.S.A.)
Publication Date: August 2008
316 pages

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 1969: Two dangerous men on a collision course that can only end in tragedy.

Anything goes in this burgeoning ski resort in the modern wild West. Then into this rarefied and challenging mountain atmosphere arrives Matthew Green, tightly wound, mentally and physically scarred from his tour in Vietnam, wanting nothing more than a chance to heal, time to relax, ski and reclaim the person he was before his horrifying experience in the jungles of Southeast Asia. But Matthew's hope for a low-key respite from his troubles is about to be shattered.

This novel explores how men learn violence and how those who seek a life that exceeds it struggle. Matthew wants a life of value and love, but he's learned to survive by his instincts using physical force and weapons. Then he encounters Franky Fiorini, the bastard son of a New York mobster who seeks to avenge his father's incarceration. Franky is driven by ambition to work with brutal men and be accepted by their standards.

When Wesley Crow crowds his way into Matthew's life, Matthew forms his first positive attachment. As Matthew vacillates in his control of his anger and instincts, Wesley reveals that he has a similar past. Wesley has come to terms with his nightmares from the Korean War. Can he help Matthew find a path away from his history?

Filled with razor sharp characterizations and local color, Marc Paul Kaplan's debut novel is a sizzling thriller combining the soaring and dangerous slopes of the Rockies with an edgy and sometimes brutal tale of revenge and the hope for redemption.


Over the Edge was awarded Honorable Mention in both the 2007 DIY Book Festival Awards (Fiction category) and the 2006 Hollywood Book Festival Awards (General Fiction category).


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