Marc and Teton (photo credit: Marilyn Kaplan)

Marc Paul Kaplan is a native Californian and lives an active life in the San Francisco Bay Area. After a successful career in retail and commercial real estate, Marc turned his focus to writing.

The blossoming author first wrote Over the Edge, a great outdoors story set in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Marc spent years in beautiful Jackson Hole, skiing and capturing the uniqueness of the area. His novel portrays a resort just being discovered and some of the best skiers in the world challenging its wild terrain. The two main characters cross paths as they pursue toward and away from violence. The main character is a Vietnam vet whom many Vietnam vet readers found represented their own struggles and goals.

Oz in Alaska

Although Squaw Valley, California is Marc’s go-to ski resort, Marc has traveled throughout the United States for the ultimate ski experience. A week in Cordova, Alaska heliskiing with Points North Heliski ( was a highlight with the most terrifying and exciting run of his life down an ironically named chute called Oz – 3,000 feet at 50 degrees.

Chasing Klondike Dreams, Marc’s second novel, is again a wilderness adventure, this time in Alaska going back to the Klondike gold rush of 1897. This historical novel shows the brutal depths that the wild can offer as well as—again—the violence in people pushed to their limits,

Marc is currently writing the second installment of his turn of the century trilogy featuring Jared and his dog, Brutus. Jared with Brutus has drifted from Alaska to the gold fields of Colorado in 1903 where the deadly Colorado Labor Wars are in full flame. Jared must choose between the supporters of the radical, violent Western Federation of Miners led locally by a charismatic Irishman and the avaricious demands of mine owners and the new autocratic governor of Colorado, James H. Peabody. As Jared settles in Cripple Creek with Brutus, he begins a romantic relationship with a dirt poor Oklahoma refugee only to be confronted by his past. This confluence of an old relationship and new challenges threaten to compromise his values, idealism and integrity – as well as his life. Bringing Jared and Brutus to life again in this dynamic situation has led Marc to wander further through history and Jared’s psych for ideas for the third book.

Jackson Airedale
Our Airedale Jackson

Marc also adores Airedale Terriers. Airedales were bred in Northern England for the man who could only afford one dog to perform the tasks of herding, hunting, guarding and being a loving family pet. Airedales were so tough with incredibly high pain tolerance they were used in World War I to send messages between trenches. Resulting breeding has given pet owners a loyal but independent animal. Marc’s two Airedales, Teton and Jackson, served as models for Brutus in Chasing Klondike Dreams.

Marc’s passionate commitment to wildlife and nature has led him to serve for over 30 years on the Board of Directors of the Lindsay Wildlife Experience ( The mission of Lindsay Wildlife is to connect adults and children to wildlife and their environment, and to learn to respect and support wildlife and their habitats.

He shares his love of animals, the outdoors and staying in shape with his wife and grown son.

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